Avishkaar Teacher Training and Certification
When it comes to innovation, it begins with the right mentor. If you have a passion for innovation and love teaching, learn from us and teach it to the world.
Our Goal
At Avishkaar, we believe the future belongs to the Innovators. Innovators are the practitioners of new technologies like AI, Robotics, IoT, Coding, 3D printing & Drones. Collaborate with us to get familiarized with this New Age tech curriculum.
We Have An Industry Recognized Educational Experience
Avishkaar Innovator Curriculum E-book
Be a Microdegree Mentor
Avishkaar offers 4 microdegrees in Robotics, Coding, IoT and AI. We offer classes online (virtually) to students all over the world. It is a fulfilling career right from the convenience of your home. Understand course goals and requirements through intensive training and start mentoring students with us.
Be an ATL Mentor
Avishkaar is proud to have set up more than 2000 Atal Tinkering Labs across the country. We have an extensive 8-day teacher training program to equip the ATL coordinators with essential skills to foster innovation among students.
Our Trainer’s Experiences
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Teacher's Experience of the Residential Training
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Teachers speak of the Avishkaar Team's Support
Avishkaar Residential Training
This is a unique concept by Avishkaar where once a year teacher’s across the country get together for a 5 day residential training. This event is fun filled with bonding between mentors and multiple learning activities on all the latest technologies. This includes Robotics, IoT, 3D Printing, Drones and Artificial Intelligence. Have a glimpse.
Mini-Makeathon activity is the most loved activity where teachers roll up their sleeves and become inventors themselves. All the participants will have to solve a problem statement using a creative designing process and complete the project by demonstrating their final prototype.
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Start your own Activity Center
Teach Robotics to children in your neighborhood. Start an activity center with us and get kick started with our training program based on our Robotics kits.
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